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New collaboration expands the SeaSalar team

Published on: 28. August 2020

Lo Persson has joined us as a postdoc funded by the Swedish Research Council. - A welcome Swedish-Norwegian collaboration that will strengthen the knowledge exchange between the Atlantic and Baltic, and enable new studies on how growth and genes impact age at maturity in salmon.

New collaboration expands the SeaSalar team
Lo Person, PhD from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden. Photo: Jonas Burman


Lo Persson got her PhD education at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå. During her PhD, she worked with hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon smolts and tested how different feeding regimes affected smolt migration and return rates from the Baltic Sea.

Now she has joined the SeaSalar project as a postdoc at NINA with funding from the Swedish Research Council (Formas). She is interested in how growth and genotype affect sea age at maturity and will work primarily together with Geir Bolstad and Astrid Raunsgard.


"I'm glad I have got this opportunity to work with prominent scientists and to be part of this very exciting project! I want to contribute with my knowledge on salmon ecology and the early life stages as well as my experiences from the Baltic Sea. This collaborative work will lead to new insights on the causes and consequences of life history variation in salmon", Lo says.

In the SeaSalar project we wish Lo very welcome. With her great personal skills and scientific basis in salmonid ecology, we look much forward to this collaboration, and we appreciate that she has chosen to work with us.

We also appreciate that a closer connection between researchers working with Atlantic salmon in the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea will benefit the development of ideas and increase the understanding of salmon ecology.